Marketing Strategy

Your website is an excellent marketing tool for representing your business online. It’s one of the most essential digital marketing channels to increase traffic, sales, as well as customers.

Every business that aims for success will need a clearly defined website marketing strategy. It’s no longer optional if you want to survive in the highly competitive online market. Surviving is a must, and Design by Cactus is here to give your site the proper marketing strategy it needs.

What is Website Marketing and Why is it Important?

Website marketing is the promotion of your website on the Internet. It’s an online marketing channel that can be a part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

The main goal of this strategic promotion is to earn more visitors to your website. With Design by Cactus, we won’t only bring in more visitors. We’ll guarantee to turn them into your customers too.

What Design By Cactus Does to Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is an affordable and highly effective method to use for gaining and closing more leads. This strategy has an average return on investment or ROI of 4,400%.

In today’s world where everyone is online most of the time, consumers are digitally connected 24/7. With that, standing out above your competitors can be challenging.

That’s why Design by Cactus goes for an efficient way of staying in front of existing customers and prospects. This is via opt-in email marketing. It’s because most people use email. Within a week in the year 2018, around 70% of email users say that they utilized coupons from marketing email.

When done right, email marketing is a simple, cost-efficient yet effective strategy. However, most business owners don’t have the resources, time, and tools for creating content and managing email marketing campaigns. Design by Cactus offers various email marketing strategies that are affordable, allowing for increased referrals, leads, sales, and upsells.

Email marketing is a foolproof approach to increase your overall marketing performance. It complements and improves SEO, pay per click, print, TV marketing, and other strategies. With that, Design by Cactus provides full-service email marketing, from generating ideas to executing and reporting these.

How We Do It

Design by Cactus provides turnkey full-service email marketing. We use our approved email marketing software or your current bulk email marketing software for small and large businesses.

We will handle everything for you. We can create custom email templates to match your brand, make action-oriented copy, and advertise your campaigns via social media. Also, we establish benchmarks for your business’ improvement.

Social Media Marketing Services

In this age, more than 70% of consumers expect businesses to be present in social media. Not only that, but they also expect your brand to have a solid custom social media strategy.

Most businesses can benefit from social media marketing services. While most companies know that they should take advantage of this, they don’t know which platforms to invest in. Should they be on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or something else?

Aside from that, business owners don’t know how much they have to invest and that’s when our services step in. Design by Cactus’s social media marketing services makes things easier for you. With that, you can stick to your expertise, which is running your business.

Our social media campaigns are cost-effective and we can specifically target your business to the audience you want to reach. At Design by Cactus, we will develop basic data to determine which platforms cost the lowest per lead. Along with that, we’ll see which ones will produce the highest return on ad spend.

What Makes Our Social Media Marketing Services Different?

Compared to our competitors, our social media marketing is not all about search engine rankings or likes on contents. While we guarantee these things, we promise realistic, meaningful, and long-lasting services.

We ensure that your website reaches your business’ target audience to increase traffic and customers. Our services will help you monitor and test paid social media marketing campaigns on various platforms.

While social media is crucial in digital marketing for your business to succeed, it doesn’t have to be stressful. We at Design by Cactus are here to assist you with your marketing strategy needs.

Digital Marketing

Web design makes digital marketing easier. It effectively promotes your products and services, but there are a lot of other marketing techniques available. These include social media marketing, email marketing, pay per click, influencer marketing, and a lot more.

These are marketing strategies that business owners should combine to achieve the best results. Taking advantage of these methods generate authentic leads and increase traffic, leading to higher sales. Additionally, these will help keep customers engaged.

With the correct marketing strategies for your website, you can promote your brand and spend less on campaigns. Design by Cactus is here to help you with your marketing strategy needs.

Our company has been taking part in various projects in the past few years. After every success, we continue to provide impeccable service to others.

When you choose us, you’ll get your website made by professionals who aren’t only knowledgeable of creating a functional website. We offer high conversion rates while taking all your marketing strategies and opportunities into consideration. Also, we will suggest and carry out the high-rewarding benefits in the plan.

Want the Best Website Marketing Services?

If you want the best marketing services for your website, choose Design by Cactus. We’re a company that offers more than email and social media marketing services. We see ourselves as your digital marketing partner and we make the additional effort to create top-quality websites.

Here at Design by Cactus, we ensure that your business will be a success by treating it as our own. We invest time and effort to completely understand your products or services, competitors, sales process, and target markets. By doing this, we can determine the best marketing strategies for your business’ website.

Additionally, we track and justify everyone’s investment in our services. We also have extensive experience in helping small and medium home service companies in gaining more leads and sales online. Our marketing samples are one of the best, so you should check us out.

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