About Us

About Us

Design by Cactus is a custom website design and marketing strategy company that provides top-notch services and assistance. We consist of a team of professionals who are at the top of the industry, so everyone can expect to receive impeccable results.

The company has developers, designers, marketers, strategists, as well as project managers who assist and work thoroughly with our clients. Each member has proven track records with their expertise and services, so clients can expect top-notch assistance at all times. We collaborate with them to drive favorable and satisfactory results for every project that’s given to us.

Not only that, but we guarantee regular communication while also investing ourselves in your project to secure its success. From concepts, creation, to re-designing, Design by Cactus provides sound solutions to meet the needs and requisites of everyone.

What Design By Cactus Can Offer

At Design by Cactus, our mission is to create easy and SEO-friendly web designs. Doing so will let you focus on building and promoting your project. We continuously look forward to our next project to efficiently work on optimizing our craft.

Aside from marketing strategy and website design services, we offer other services to complete your projects with positive results. Here, we move with accuracy and urgency, working directly with the clients, which saves you time and money.

We provide professional website design services at economical rates, and we’ll guarantee to aid your business to attract more visitors. We’ll design your website efficiently to keep your visitors on longer, then eventually turn them into customers.

Design by Cactus will provide you with more than just a beautifully designed website. We’ll offer you a site that’s effective, efficient, and with a foolproof strategy designed to make your website the best.

For our website design and website building services, we’ll create your profile website, e-commerce website, as well as custom projects.

We’re making you a website with a minimalist design that can allow for easier and convenient navigation and management.

You’ll get five pages with it displaying your company’s profile, services offered, contact information, FAQs, and a lot more.

We provide you with conversion-optimized and innovative woocommerce websites that allow you to do your job. Sell products conveniently to your retail customers and establish an online store for everyone.

We’ll also offer proper linking and connection to your business, such as email marketing, and more.

If you have a specific idea for your project but can’t execute it on your own, we’ll gladly do it. To achieve your plans and ideas, we’ll make these a reality with our project design and strategy package.

We’re helping and guaranteeing that you start on the right foot to make your project live, functioning, and successful.

If you’re having issues coming up with a foolproof marketing strategy, Design by Cactus offers you just that. We offer website design services, including excellent marketing strategies, to help make your project grow.

Having the right marketing strategy is the most vital aspect of designing a website. It shouldn’t only be attractive, aesthetic, and user-friendly, but it should be beneficial and cost-effective.

The websites that we create for our customers are guaranteed SEO-friendly. Plus, even before establishing your website, we conduct competitor research to integrate everything you need for better profitability and service.

Our website helps you start with the proper foundation to take over and dominate your competition in search results.

Why Go For Design By Cactus?

Here are a few good reasons why you should join in and take advantage of what we have to offer.

Heightened Experience and Expertise

Having a team of professionals allows us to give our clients top-notch services and assistance. We’ve worked with over 200 clients who were greatly satisfied with the results.

Here are some feedback and reviews of our satisfied clients:

We loved how confident and knowledgeable they were in the field. Cactus was able to deliver more than what we expected, and they made sure to talk and communicate with us throughout the project.


They worked splendidly and satisfied all our requirements for the project. There were a few complications on our side, but they positively and successfully completed the project and with great results.

They sure practice what they preach and communicate with us the whole time during the project. Everything came out smoothly and successfully, and they were experts at what they were doing.

Superior and Excellent Framework

When we create, you’ll receive an easy to manage, as well as SEO-friendly website that’s convenient and efficient. We’re experts in our field, so you’ll enjoy the functions and benefits of our interfaces.

We're Transparent

When we work with you, you will be part of Design by Cactus’ team, so you’ll know exactly what’s happening. And with that, you’ll have an idea on what you’re paying for.

Aside from that, we work quickly yet efficiently to control and manage the project scope. Plus, we can still provide support or assistance after going live.

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